Thu 08

Virtual Workplace Etiquette

October 8 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thu 15

Hire Right the First Time

October 15 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Upcoming Marketing Workshops 

Sept 10 – Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
10AM – 12PM
Leaders today that are committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into their organizations and the communities they serve will need to adopt new practices and behaviors to reach this goal.

Diversity in today’s work place not only involves differences in race, gender, economic status, and culture it also includes differences in communication style, ages, education and values. With insight, understanding and skill development this timely training will help your team learn to value differences and recognize how unconscious bias is a barrier to trust and respect in the workplace.

 Our facilitated and interactive diversity, equity and inclusion training covers:

  • Primary and Secondary Dimensions of Diversity
  • Definitions of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Embracing our Differences
  • Addressing Unconscious Bias
  • Strategies to Create an Inclusive Culture
  • Micro Messages – Inequities and Affirmations
  • Setting Clear Expectation for Respect, Civility and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Communication with Sensitivity


Sept 17 – Financial Management During COVID-19 Crisis Part 1  (2 Part Presentation)

 Sept 24 – Financial Management During COVID-19 Crisis Part 2
Nearly all small and medium-sized businesses have been impacted by the economics of COVID-19 over the last few months. Some companies have had to pivot and target new markets, while others have been overwhelmed by the demand for their existing products and services. The bottom line is that both situations require capital—and, the only way to get it is to ask a Lender.

During this two-part webinar series, two experienced Lenders will offer tips to help you prepare for the stress-inducing task of asking a Lender for a loan.

Part 1, September 17, 2020 will take you through the underwriting process and point out some of the pitfalls in your financial statements that can cause a Lender to question the validity of your financial data.

Part 2, September 24, 2020 will cover the various types of loans and their respective purposes—as well as the why, what, and how of financial projections.

Register now to gain an in-depth understanding of loan applications, and tips for making the process easier.


Oct 8 – Virtual Workplace Etiquette
This webinar will focus on the professional courtesies necessary for working in a productive virtual environment.  The objectives of the course will focus on basic rules of courtesy, consideration, and respect to ensure productive and harmonious remote working relationships. 


October 15 – Hire Right the First Time
Harvard University wrote a book titled Hiring and Keeping the Best People, which talks about the cost of poor hiring practices. The Business Essentials book stated that bad hiring brings down performance and can be painfully costly in the long run. Painfully costly is defined as 24 times the base compensation of the poorly hired person. Can you afford it? CEA’s hiring system will help businesses and HR professionals avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Learning Objectives
Know what you need to hire
Reduce time spent writing job ads and descriptions
Discover where applicants are and what to pay them
See the critical hiring steps between accepting an application to the 1st day of work
Unlock the recruiter’s toolkit for quality hires and fit
Develop legally defensible behavioral interview questions targeting proven performer’s skills
Uncover hidden tips, tools, and tricks for effectively managing on-the-job (OJT)


Oct 22 – Managing the New Workplace- Mental Health, Self-Care and Well Being
This course will discuss how working from home can impact mental health, morale, and quality of work. The objectives of the course will focus on ways to care for your mental health and share tips on working from home productively, and stress free. 


October 29 – Social Media Marketing 101
New to social media for your business? Not sure how you can use social media to grow your business? Attend this workshop to learn why you should be using social media, how to use it effectively and how you can use it to grow your business. Presenter Zeb Welborn will discuss the different social media channels, how to use social media channels appropriately and answer any questions you have about growing your business using social media. Topics will include why you need a website and ideas on how to set one up, how to set up social media pages and why you should, which platforms you should use to grow your business, how to make money online, and strategies for email marketing, blog writing, SEO, digital advertising and more.