ePro Vendor Registration

The following items are needed to start the ePro registration process.

  •   Tax ID
  •   Company Name
  •   Email Address
  •   Vendor Legal Name
  •   Mailing Address Line (Country, City, State/Province, Zipcode)
  •   Company Phone Number
  •   Company Email Address
  •   User Contact Information
  •   Commodity Code(s) Selection*

*NOTE: In order to be notified of all possible bid opportunities for your business, you must list during the registration process all commodity codes that reflect the products and services of your business. Please invest adequate time to search and include all the codes related to your company. Often, solicitations are sent to vendors based solely on commodity codes. Therefore, if your business is able to provide a desired service or product, but did not select the exact commodity codes required regarding the solicitation, your company will not receive the initial notification. San Bernardino County wants your company to be included in all the solicitations that you are eligible to bid. Therefore, we encourage you to select all the codes that apply.

Commodity Codes are an essential part of the procurement process, because Commodity Codes are used to identify products and services for departments as a source of business. To view more information about Commodity Codes, please visit the NIGP Code Explained webpage, which gives detailed information about the structure, categorization, and reporting associated with the NIGP codes.

Once you have gathered the above required items, especially the commodity codes, please visit our online ePro registration to register.