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Permit Quick Reference

Ready to Apply? Once at the EZ Online Permitting Portal, register for an account and begin your application by selecting the appropriate Application Tab (Planning, Fire, Building, Public Works). The table below will help with determining the appropriate Application Tab and Application Name.

Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Address - ChangeBuildingAddressing
Address - NewBuildingAddressing
Air Conditioning Condenser - Remove and ReplaceBuildingMechanical
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
BalconyBuildingResidential Accessory
Barn - AgriculturalBuildingNon-Residential New Construction
Barn - DetachedBuildingResidential Accessory
Barn - PrivateBuildingResidential Accessory
Battery - Backup SystemBuildingElectrical
Battery - Power Storage SystemBuildingElectrical
BBQ Island - GasBuildingPlumbing
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Carport - AttachedBuildingResidential Accessory
Carport - DetachedBuildingResidential Accessory
Cellular Site - ModificationsBuildingTenant Improvement
Cellular Site - NewBuildingNon-Residential New Construction
Construction Waste ManagementPublic WorksConstruction Waste Management Plan – Part 1
Construct New RoadPublic WorksRoad Construction Permit
Construct New Road - Subdivision/TractPublic WorksRoad Construction Permit
Container - CargoBuildingResidential Accessory
Container - MetalBuildingResidential Accessory
Container - ShippingBuildingResidential Accessory
Container - StorageBuildingResidential Accessory
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
DeckBuildingResidential Accessory
Deck - ParkingBuildingResidential Accessory
Drainage StudyPlanningDrainage Study
Driveway Public WorksEncroachment Permit
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Electrical - Faulty Wiring RepairBuildingElectrical
Electrical - Generator InstallationBuildingElectrical
Electrical - Temporary PowerBuildingElectrical
Electrical MeterBuildingElectrical
Electrical Panel - NewBuildingElectrical
Electrical Panel - RelocationBuildingElectrical
Electrical Panel - ReplacementBuildingElectrical
Electrical Upgrade - PanelBuildingElectrical
Electrical Upgrade - Service PanelBuildingElectrical
Electrical Upgrade - SubpanelBuildingElectrical
Encroachment PermitPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Erosion ControlBuildingErosion Control
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Fence - Chain LinkBuildingWalls and Fences
Fence - Wood (Over 6 Feet)BuildingWalls and Fences
Fire AlarmFireFire Alarm
Fireplace - NewBuildingMechanical
Fireplace - ReplacementBuildingMechanical
Fire Sprinklers - Single FamilyFireResidential & Multi-Family Sprinkler Permit
Foundation RepairBuildingResidential Alteration
Free Span BuildingBuildingResidential Accessory
Furnance - NewBuildingMechanical
Furnance - Propane BuildingMechanical
Furnance - ReplacementBuildingMechanical
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Garage - AttachedBuildingResidential Addition
Garage - DetachedBuildingResidential Accessory
Garage - RVBuildingResidential Accessory
Gas Line Install/TestingBuildingPlumbing
Gas Meter BuildingPlumbing
Gas Meter - ResetBuildingPlumbing
Geology InvestigationBuildingGeology Investigation
Geotechnical (Soils) ReportBuildingGeotechnical (Soils) Report
Geotechnical ReportBuildingGeotechnical (Soils) Report
Gratis DeedPublic WorksRoad Dedication (Gratis Deed)
Guest HouseBuildingResidential New Construction
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Heater - WallBuildingMechanical
High Pile and Inrack SprinklerFireHigh Pile and Inrack Sprinkler
HVAC - Change OutBuildingMechanical
HVAC - Roof MountedBuildingMechanical
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Leach LineBuildingPlumbing
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Manufactured HomeBuildingManufactured Homes
Manufactured Home - Retrofit Permanent FoundationBuildingManufactured Homes
Metal Storage ContainerBuildingResidential Accessory
Mixed Use New ConstructionBuildingMixed Use New Construction
Mobile HomeBuildingManufactured Homes
Mobile Home - SetdownBuildingManufactured Homes
Modular HomeBuildingManufactured Homes
Moving Oversize/Overweight LoadsPublic WorksMoving Permit
Moving PermitPublic WorksMoving Permit
Mult-Family New ConstructionBuildingMulti-Family New Construction
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Non-Residential AdditionBuildingNon-Residential Addition
Non-Residential New ConstructionBuildingNon-Residential New Construction
Non-Residential PumpFireNon-Residential Pump
Non-Residential SprinklerFireNon-Residential Sprinkler
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Patio CoverBuildingResidential Accessory
Pool and SpaBuildingPool and Spa
PorchBuildingResidential Accessory
Post Construction Management PlanPlanningWater Quality Management Plan / Post Construction Management Plan (WQMP/PCMP)
Pre-Engineered Systems and Above Ground Storage TanksFirePre-Engineered Systems and AST
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
RehabBuildingResidential Alteration
Remodel - CommercialBuildingTenant Improvement
Remodel - Single FamilyBuildingResidential Alteration
Residential & Mult-Family SprinklerFireResidential & Multi-Family Sprinkler Permit
Residential - AdditionBuildingResidential Addition
Residential - Garage - AttachedBuildingResidential Addition
Residential - Room AdditionBuildingResidential Addition
Residential AccessoryBuildingResidential Accessory
Residential AlterationBuildingResidential Alteration
Residential New ConstructionBuildingResidential New Construction
Retaining WallBuildingWalls and Fences
Road ConstructionPublic WorksRoad Construction Permit
Road Dedication (Gratis Deed)Public WorksRoad Dedication (Gratis Deed)
Road Right of Way - DrivewayPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Road Right of Way - Miscellaneous StructuresPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Road Right of Way - Underground UtilitiesPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Road Right of Way - Utility StructuresPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Road Right of Way - Walls and FencesPublic WorksEncroachment Permit
Roof ReplacementBuildingReRoof
Rooftop ACBuildingMechanical
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Seepage PitBuildingPlumbing
Septic TankBuildingPlumbing
Shed - Commercial StorageBuildingNon-Residential New Construction
Shed - Residential StorageBuildingResidential Accessory
Siding ReplacementBuildingResidential Alteration
Single Family Residence - New ConstructionBuildingResidential New Construction
Sliding Glass Door ReplacementBuildingResidential Alteration
Soils ReportBuildingGeotechnical (Soils) Report
Solar - Gound MountBuildingSolar Non-Residential
Solar - RooftopBuildingSolar Non-Residential
Solar FarmBuildingSolar Non-Residential
Solar Non-ResidentialBuildingSolar Non-Residential
Solar Panels - CommercialBuildingSolar Non-Residential
Solar Panels - Single FamilyBuildingSolar Residential
Solar ResidentialBuildingSolar Residential
SpaBuildingPool and Spa
Stairs & LandingBuildingResidential Accessory
Storage - BuildingBuildingResidential Accessory
Storage - StructureBuildingResidential Accessory
Street Improvement PlanPlanningStreet Improvement Plan
Swimming PoolBuildingPool and Spa
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Temporary Power with Span PolesBuildingElectrical
Tenant ImprovementBuildingTenant Improvement
Traffic StudyPublic WorksTraffic Study
Tree HouseBuildingResidential Accessory
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Underground Permit (Fire)FireUnderground
Utility BuildingBuildingResidential Accessory
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Project / ActivityEZOP Module TabApplication Name
Wall - BlockBuildingWalls and Fences
Wall and FenceBuildingWalls and Fences
Water Filtration Filtration System - InstallationBuildingPlumbing
Water HeaterBuildingPlumbing
Water Heater - Change OutBuildingPlumbing
Water Heater - TanklessBuildingPlumbing
Water Meter - InstallationBuildingPlumbing
Water Quality Management PlanPlanningWater Quality Management Plan / Post Construction Management Plan (WQMP/PCMP)
Water Softener - InstallationBuildingPlumbing
Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System BuildingPlumbing
Window ReplacementBuildingResidential Alteration
WorkshopBuildingResidential Accessory
WQMP/PCMPPlanningWater Quality Management Plan / Post Construction Management Plan (WQMP/PCMP)