We are happy to be utilizing a countywide standardized assessment tool, as we work together to meet the needs of our adult consumers and their families through the use of a strength-based, needs-driven approach.

The Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment (ANSA) is a comprehensive assessment tool used throughout the United States by organizations and individuals to communicate treatment needs and progress.

  • The Ansa is a multi-purpose tool developed for adult behavioral health services that focuses on consumer’s primary needs and strengths.
  • The ANSA is a tool used to communicate with the consumer, family, and treatment team about progress and goals.
  • The ANSA is a decision support tool that tracks consumer progress and changes to better determine appropriate level of care for consumer.
  • The ANSA helps to facilitate quality improvement.
  • The ANSA ensures that consumer strengths and needs are incorporated in the plan of care.
  • The ANSA is used as an outcome measure to track changes through the adult system of care.

Completion Timelines

  • The ANSA-SB items are incorporated into the Adult Clinical Assessment, so new clients to DBH shall have the initial ANSA-SB completed by the time the clinical assessment is finalized.
  • Updates to ANSA-SB shall be made either every three (3) months or every six (6) months, depending upon the intensity of the program serving the client.
    • Typically, Full Service Partnerships are considered to be intensive and complete updates every three (3) months
    • All updates are completed within Objective Arts
  • At discharge, an ANSA-SB must be completed unless one has been completed within 30 days, and there are no additional changes in the scores.
  • In no case shall a period of more than six months pass without an ANSA-SB being completed, unless the client has not been consistent in accessing care.
  • All Update and Discharge ANSAs shall be completed in Objective Arts

Forms and Manuals

ANSA-SB Manual
ANSA-SB Score Sheet

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Please contact your Objective Arts Subject Matter Expert (SME) first for assistance
ANSA related issues: DBH-ANSA
Objective Arts issues: DBH-OA