Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment (ANSA)

DBH is happy to be utilizing a countywide standardized assessment tool as the DBH continuum of care works together to meet the needs of adult consumers and their families through the use of a strengths-based, needs-driven approach.

The Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment – San Bernardino County (ANSA-SB) is a comprehensive assessment tool used throughout the United States by organizations and individuals to communicate treatment needs and progress.

  • The ANSA-SB is a multi-purpose tool developed for adult behavioral health services that focuses on a consumer’s primary needs and strengths.
  • The ANSA-SB is a tool used to communicate with the consumer, family, and treatment team about progress and goals.
  • The ANSA-SB is a decision support tool that tracks consumer progress and changes to better determine appropriate level of care for consumer.
  • The ANSA-SB helps to facilitate quality improvement.
  • The ANSA-SB ensures that consumer strengths and needs are incorporated in the plan of care.
  • The ANSA-SB is used as an outcome measure to track changes through the adult system of care.

Completion Timelines

  • The ANSA-SB items are incorporated into the Adult Clinical Assessment, so new clients to DBH shall have the initial ANSA-SB completed by the time the clinical assessment is finalized.
  • Updates to ANSA-SB shall be made either every three (3) months or every six (6) months, depending upon the intensity of the program serving the client.
    • Typically, Full Service Partnerships are considered to be intensive and complete updates every three (3) months
    • All updates are completed within Objective Arts
  • At discharge, an ANSA-SB must be completed unless one has been completed within the preceding 30 days and there are no additional changes in the scores.
  • In no case shall a period of more than six (6) months pass without an ANSA-SB being completed unless the client has not been consistent in accessing care.
  • All Update and Discharge ANSAs shall be completed in Objective Arts.


Clinical Staff Pathway
Step 1: CANS/ANSA Certification
In order to attend TCOM training, you must first complete an online CANS or ANSA certification course and pass the course certification exam with the Praed Foundation at When you are ready to take the online CANS or ANSA certification exam, please send an email to the Workforce Education & Training general mailbox at requesting a TCOM coupon code. This code will allow you to bypass the fee normally charged by the vendor for the course.  It will arrive with instructions on its use and accessing the correct course material.  If you have not completed this step within 24 hours of your TCOM training, you will be unenrolled from the session.

Step 2: TCOM Training
Attend a monthly TCOM training led by DBH staff.  Register via Relias.

Step 3: Objective Arts Basic Training
Option 1:  Attend a monthly Objective Arts Basic training led by DBH staff.  Register via Relias.
Option 2: Work with your Objective Arts Subject Matter Expert to complete the practice activity provided within one week of attending TCOM training.

Support Staff
Attend a monthly Objective Arts Basic training led by DBH staff. Register via Relias.

Relias Login:
Training and certification questions: or call 1-800-722-9866

Work Process workflow

Forms and Manuals

ANSA-SB Manual
ANSA-SB Score Sheet

Helpful Links

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Please contact your Objective Arts Subject Matter Expert (SME) first for assistance
ANSA related issues: DBH-OA
Objective Arts issues: DBH-OA