Upcoming Events

To view the list of upcoming events, please click on the links below or call (909) 386-9720 or email DBH-Outreach@dbh.sbcounty.gov.

October Events
National Recovery Month

Media Inquiries

DBH’s Public Relations and Outreach program oversees and coordinates all marketing, communication, and outreach events for the department.

For more information on special events, media inquiries, or to schedule a phone or in-person interview with a subject matter expert in the field of behavioral health and substance use disorders, call (909) 386-9720 or email DBH-PublicRelations@dbh.sbcounty.gov.

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Resilient and Real Podcast

We’re proud to present the Resilient and Real podcast, a DBH podcast dedicated to providing mental health and substance use disorder resources including field-expert interviews and department news that promotes prevention, intervention, recovery and resiliency for individuals, families and communities. 

Branding Resources

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