The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) develops, implements, and promotes linguistically and culturally appropriate, recovery-oriented services throughout DBH. OEI also provides education, training, language services and community outreach and education. View more info about education and training.

In addition, OEI supports the DBH Cultural Competency Advisory Committee (CCAC) and its 14 culturally specific subcommittees. All committees are made up of community based providers, organizations, partner agencies, clients, family members, faith based organizations/individuals, and representatives from various DBH departments and County departments, who advise the Cultural Competency Officer on the needs of the populations they represent in the community.

The following flyer includes meeting times, dates, locations and contact information for the CCACs and its subcommittees.
Cultural Competency Advisory Committee – Subcommittee List – English and Spanish

For more information, call (909)252-5150 or email

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