Office of Patients’ Rights

Our mission is to advocate for and protect the legal, civil, and human rights of all behavioral health consumers in San Bernardino County.

Our mission is achieved by:

  • Receiving and investigating complaints concerning mental health services in licensed health or community care facilities, regarding denial of rights;
  • Ensuring recipients of mental health services in licensed health or community care facilities or other required facilities are notified of their rights;
  • Receiving and investigating complaints concerning behavioral health services, as related to patients’ rights;
  • Monitoring mental health facilities, services and programs for adherence with patients’ rights provisions;
  • Providing training and education regarding patients’ rights, to behavioral health providers;
  • Advocating and promoting the treatment of patients and consumers with dignity and respect.

What We Do:

  • Listen, document investigate and resolve complaints or grievances from consumers in support of consumer’s expressed needs;
  • Represent patients, in inpatient settings, during certification review hearings and are present during judicial hearings;
  • Connect consumers with resources and behavioral health services;
  • Educate consumers on their rights , and support development and application of self-advocacy tools;
  • Monitor LPS-designated facilities to ensure compliance with LPS requirements and patients’ rights standards;
  • Partner with various behavioral health facilities and programs and provide education or technical support pertaining to patients’ rights matters.

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Patients’ Rights Team:
Mariam Aldaz – Chief Patients’ Rights Advocate – Program Manager I
Jennifer Arnold Weaver, Clinical Therapist II/Advocate
Kellie Bougard Jordan, Clinical Therapist II/Advocate
Jose Orrostieta, Social Worker II/Advocate
Sally Mitchell, Social Worker II/Advocate
Angelica Rea, Social Worker II/Advocate
Bethany Sahagun, Social Worker II Trainee/Advocate
Contact Us:
San Bernardino County Behavioral Health
Patients’ Rights Office
850 E. Foothill Blvd.
Rialto, CA 92376

Phone: 909-421-4657
Toll Free: 800-440-2391
Fax: 909-421-9258


A grievance is an oral or written expression of your dissatisfaction to inpatient and outpatient patients’ rights matters as referenced in the Patients’ Rights posters. Patients can submit a grievance over the phone or in writing.

To submit a verbal Patients’ Rights grievance, call (800) 440-2391. To submit a written Patients’ Rights grievance, complete a Patients’ Rights Grievance form located in a provider or clinic lobby or download the form here, and mail OR email the completed form to:

Patients’ Rights Office
850 E. Foothill Blvd.
Rialto, CA 92376

Grievances will be addressed within 24 hours by phone or letter. For additional questions, call (909) 421-4657.