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The County of San Bernardino’s EZOP website simplifies your search for project information by centralizing handouts and descriptions of development and construction-related permits and activities.

Are you building a high rise? Renovating a house? Installing a new water heater? Rewiring a blighted property as part of rehab? Or maybe you are seeking approval to operate a business that’s not usually allowed in your location? Whether you are looking to build a house or repair one, this is your one place to start.

Here you will find information on various activities regulated by the County in a citizen-focused format. Each application along with required materials are described fully so that you can be prepared to apply.

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Permit Module Apply Online Description
Mining Transfer of Ownership Planning Yes This application and materials are required to be submitted to the County to document the transfer of ownership OR name change of any mining operation. After review of all the information submitted is complete, the applicant will be notified that the County requirements related to the transfer of ownership or CUP name change is complete.… Find out more.
Mining Revision to Approved Action Planning Yes The Director of Land Use Services may approve a minor modification/revision to the conditions of approval for an existing conditionally approved mining project. Before approval, the California Department of Conservation, Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR) will be notified of the proposed modification/revision for review and comments pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 2772.1. The review… Find out more.
Mining Interim Management Plan Planning Yes The Director of Land Use Services may approve an Interim Management Plan (IMP) for an existing conditionally approved surface mining operation. This application and supporting materials are required to document compliance and measures that will secure and maintain the mine site during idle periods, provided there is reasonable intent to resume mining in the near… Find out more.
Mining and Reclamation Plan Planning Yes Mining Activities and Administration Requirements: (Refer to Division 8, Chapters 82.17 and 88.03 of the County Development Code, Public Resources Code Sections 2207 and 2710 et seq., and California Code of Regulations Section 3500 et seq. – the statutes and state regulations are collectively known as the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975, “SMARA”). The provisions… Find out more.
Reasonable Accommodation Request (Residential Care Facility) Planning Yes In compliance with Fair Housing Laws (42 USC section 3600 et seq. and Government Code section 12900 et seq.), the County of San Bernardino may provide reasonable accommodation to any person with a disability who seeks access to fair housing. This application is for a Major Reasonable Accommodation for a land use modification, specifically for… Find out more.
Reasonable Accommodation Request Planning Yes Applicants requesting Fair Housing Amendments Act and/or Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations to the County codes or procedures must complete the following information in full. Provide copies of all relevant permit applications, building plans, as well as copies of any county, state or federal licenses currently active or required for the proposed use of the… Find out more.
Temporary Special Even Permit Planning Yes Application for events shall be submitted in a complete form in advance of the anticipated commencement of the activity as follows: (1) Minor events. (A) Events proposed to operate for the first time: At least 30 days in advance for a community celebration, and at least 90 days in advance for any other event. (B)… Find out more.
Agricultural Preservation/Land Conservation Contract and Non-Renewal of Land Conservation Contract Planning Yes Application to establish, expand, disestablish or reduce an Agricultural Preserve boundary and/or to request to establish, non-renew or cancel a Land Conservation Contract. Find out more.
Professional Consultation Planning Yes Professional Consultations are used to request meetings, research, or preparation of a rebuild letter. Rebuild Letters In order for a Rebuild Letter to be issued, staff will perform research to determine: that the residence(s) in question was legally built; and that the residential use has continued since that time. If we are unable to find… Find out more.
Extension of Time Planning Yes An extension of time may be requested to comply with or implement any conditional land use decision made in accordance with provisions of the Development Code. A “conditional land use decision” includes land use actions such as Conditional Use Permits, Variances, and Tentative Maps. For questions as to whether an extension of time may be… Find out more.
Zoning Certification Planning Yes Licensing Review / Zoning Certification / Zoning Affidavit This application is used to submit a request to the Planning Division of San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department for verification that the zoning for a piece of property conforms to a proposed or existing use. This application should be used for: General zoning certifications for… Find out more.
Tree and Plant Removal Planning Yes Tree (Plant) Removal Permit Application This application is provided for those circumstances where a tree or plan removal is not in conjunction with a land use application or development permit (88.01.050)(d)(2). Regulated trees and plants: For a list of regulated trees and plants, please refer to Sections: 88.01.060(c), 88.01.070(b), 88.01.080(b) and 88.01.050 (e) (4) of… Find out more.
Temporary Use Permit Planning Yes As provided in the San Bernardino County Development Code Title 8, Division 4, Temporary Use Permits (TUP) may be issued for: 1. Batch Plants. Batch plants necessary for the construction of major public infrastructure improvements provided proper review in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is completed. 2. Construction yards - Off-site. Off-site… Find out more.
Revision to Approved Action Planning Yes The Director of Land Use Services may approve minor modifications/revisions of the conditions of approval or project design for a conditionally approved development project. However, should the Director determine that the modifications may be controversial, the requested modification shall be referred back to the reviewing authority who required the conditions. In this case, the review… Find out more.
Project Application Planning Yes Planning Project Application Instructions You are about to begin the application process to submit a Project proposal to County of San Bernardino Land Use Services Department Planning Division. It is highly recommended that you submit for a Pre-Application Development Review prior to submitting a formal Land Use Planning Project application. The Planning Project application should… Find out more.
Lot Merger Planning Yes A Lot Merger combines two or more substandard lots into one and is a recorded document. A Lot Merger is completely different than a Lot Combination. A Lot Combination is processed through the Assessor’s Office and combines the lots for tax billing convenience purposes only (i.e., one tax bill). With a Lot Combination, the lots… Find out more.
Lot Line Adjustment Planning Yes About Lot Line Adjustments The County Development Code requires a Lot Line Adjustment approval when a property owner wants to adjust the lot line between at least two, but no more than four, adjacent parcels. In a Lot Line Adjustment, land is taken from one parcel and added to an adjacent parcel. No additional parcels… Find out more.
Landscape Plan Planning Yes Landscape Plan Review The Landscape Plan Review process is to be used when a Condition of Approval for a development project requires the submission of landscape plans for review or when required by Development Code Section 83.10.020. This is an administrative review process conducted by staff of the Planning Division. Please be prepared to provide… Find out more.
General Plan and Development Code Interpretation Planning Yes This application is required when an individual requests a written interpretation of either the General Plan or the County Development Code.  You can access current Development Code at You can access the County's General Plan at A General Plan and Development Code Interpretation asks the Planning Department to make a preliminary determination as… Find out more.
Environmental Review Unrelated to Planning Project Planning Yes This process is required for all projects and other items that require environmental review in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) that are NOT associated with a land use application being processed or required by the County. County Planning staff will review your application and will determine what, if any, type of environmental… Find out more.
Compatibility Determination Planning Yes San Bernardino County Development Code Sections 84.01.050 (g) and (l) require that certain proposed accessory uses be approved only if it is found to be compatible with the surrounding area.  A compatibility determination is only required in certain land use zoning districts. Online Resources: Proposed accessory uses that required a Compatibility Determination are covered in… Find out more.
Certificate of Subdivision Compliance Planning Yes This process is used to legalize a parcel that was created on or after March 4, 1972. It also may impose any necessary conditions to provide the appropriate improvements. A Certificate of Compliance application applies only to a single parcel and is required when: an existing land violation prevents the division or development of property… Find out more.
Certificate of Land Use Compliance Planning Yes The Certificate of Land Use Compliance is used to certify the legal use of property, establish termination dates for nonconforming uses, disclose in public records any conditions of operation and any other long term conditions or restrictions that apply to the subject use or property. Upon approval, the Planning staff will make provision for the… Find out more.
Appeal Planning Yes APPEAL OF A LAND USE DECISION   Appeals must be formally submitted before the effective date of the decision being appealed in order to be eligible for consideration. Please be advised that you must submit payment of the appeal fees in order to submit an appeal application. For current appeal fees, please consult the Land… Find out more.
Accessory Wind Energy System Planning Yes An Accessory Wind Energy Systems application is required by the County Development Code to evaluate the location, design and operation for an accessory wind energy system as specified in each Land Use District. The Accessory Wind Energy Systems application and process provides the County the opportunity to review the proposed accessory wind energy system installation… Find out more.
ABC Letter of Public Convenience Planning Yes ABC Letter of Public "Convenience or Necessity" State law requires a local jurisdiction to make a “public convenience or necessity” determination prior to the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) issuing a liquor license under certain circumstances. Refer to Division 9 of the State Business and Professions Code for specific State requirements and definitions… Find out more.
Pre-Application Development Review Planning Yes Prior to the formal submission of an application and prior to the applicant spending time and resources preparing detailed plans and technical studies, the applicant can use the Pre-Application Development Review process to have County staff answer specific questions or to provide general input and observations regarding the project.   Comments provided during this meeting… Find out more.
Water Quality Management Plan / Post Construction Management Plan (WQMP/PCMP) Planning Yes A Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP)/ Post Construction Management Plan (PCMP) is required around Santa Ana River Watershed area and around Phelan/Pinon Hill area in high desert area per the California Regional Water Quality Boards. After submitting your report, they go through the plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the latest… Find out more.
Variance Planning Yes Variances are provided for in the Development Code and State Law to allow flexibility of development standards where the strict application of a regulation may not be appropriate. According to State Law, the justification for a Variance is that you as a property owner would suffer a unique hardship if the development standard as specified… Find out more.
Street Improvement Plan Planning Yes A Street Improvement Plan is required when a road construction is required as part of the project. After submitting your plans, they go through the plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the San Bernardino County Development Code and San Bernardino County Road Planning and Design Standards. Find out more.
Drainage Study Planning Yes A Drainage Study is typically required to prevent or mitigate any possible drainage impact to upstream or downstream of the project site due to the project construction activity. Hydrology and/or Hydraulic studies can be submitted under Drainage Study. After submitting your study, they go through the plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance… Find out more.