Jeremy Martinez, Captain
Jeremy Martinez, Captain


11613 Bartlett Avenue
Adelanto, California 92301

(760) 552-6800

Office Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Lucerne Valley Substation
32818 Verdugo
Lucerne Valley, California 92356

(760) 248-7655

Phelan Substation
4050 Phelan Road
Post Office Box 292000
Phelan, California 92329

(760) 995-8781

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Victor Valley

Victor Valley Patrol Station

Victor Valley Patrol Station

The Victor Valley Station is located at 11613 Bartlett St. in the City of Adelanto. This station provides contract law enforcement services to the city of Adelanto and has two substations- one in Lucerne Valley and the other in Phelan.

Victor Valley Station

The Victor Valley Station has one captain, one lieutenant, eight sergeants, seven detectives, fifty eight patrol deputies, three sheriff’s service specialist, seven office specialists, two office assistants, one secretary and one automotive officer.

The Victor Valley Station provides law enforcement services to the communities of Adelanto, Helendale, Oro Grande, Silver Lakes, El Mirage, Spring Valley Lake, Oak Hills, Wrightwood and the unincorporated areas of the Victor Valley area not serviced by the cities of Hesperia, Victorville and the Town of Apple Valley.

These patrol areas cover a wide range of mountainous and remote desert terrain, with heavy to sparsely populated rural and urban regions that also contain commercial and industrial areas with a population over 50,000.

A 40 hour per week deputy sheriff is allocated to serve the Helendale CSD and the planned community of Spring Valley Lake.

Motorcycle and bicycle enforcement teams: The grant funding from the State of California’s Department of Parks and Recreation has enhanced our Off Highway Enforcement (OHV) Program. The grant has provided two all terrain vehicles, an enclosed trailer to haul all of our equipment and funds for salaries and overtime. We have been extremely successful in our encounters with illegal shooters and OHV riders and drivers, issuing citations when needed and educating the public about proper areas to ride in as well as shoot in. We have been extremely successful in recovering stolen vehicles, locating lost or missing OHV riders and drivers and augmenting other search and rescue operations as well as assisting BLM (Bureau of Land Management) during major off highway events. The equipment is also used as a public relations tool at parades, safety fairs, school gatherings other OHV programs and regular law enforcement patrol operations.

Our bicycle enforcement team is used in our heavier populated residential areas and is extremely successful in their interactions with the citizens, especially the younger generation. Their activities curb criminal activities through interaction with the citizens on a one-on-one basis.

The Victor Valley command has eleven volunteer units. These include two search and rescue teams, two mounted posse units, one line reserve unit, and six Citizens on Patrol units. These units have a combined membership of 230 persons, who consistently donate in excess of 50,000 hours annually of their time serving the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of San Bernardino County.

Lucerne Valley Substation

The Lucerne Valley Substation has one sergeant, one detective and six deputies who are responsible for 900-plus miles of farming, ranching, commercial businesses and residential areas located within a wide range of mountainous and remote desert terrain. The overall population is approximately 5,200 residents, which includes the unincorporated areas of east Apple Valley.

The Lucerne Valley Substation’s Citizen on Patrol (C.O.P.) Unit conducts a Good Citizen program at the elementary school level. The program has been recognized nationally as a trendsetter in interaction between school children and law enforcement. The program recognizes students in open assembly for their good citizenship and academic achievements. Those being recognized are presented with a Certificate of Good Citizenship. The program also provides for the C.O.P. member and deputy sheriff’s to read books and stories to the first and second grade level students.

Phelan Substation

The Phelan Substation has one sergeant, one detective, one patrol corporal, and nine deputies who are responsible for law enforcement services in Phelan, Pinon Hills, Wrightwood, West Cajon Valley, as well as portions of Oak Hills and El Mirage.

These patrol areas also cover a wide range of mountainous and remote desert terrain. These areas have heavy to sparsely populated rural and urban regions with commercial and industrial areas. The overall population is approximately 30,520 residents.

The Phelan Substation’s Wrightwood Search and Rescue team is one of the County’s premier S&R teams. Members of this team are highly skilled at rescuing persons from treacherous mountain terrains and altitudes requiring the use of specialized mountain climbing skills and equipment that require the use of pitons, ropes and pulleys and airborne helicopter operations.

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