Policies/Operating Procedures


The following table contains records regarding the Sheriff’s Department’s Policies and Procedures.

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Document Date Document Title Station/Division
09/19/2019 Apple Valley Station Policy Manual Apple Valley Station
09/19/2019 Barstow Station Ops Manual Barstow Station
09/19/2019 Big Bear Station Manual Big Bear Station
09/19/2019 Central Station Ops Manual Central Station
09/19/2019 Chino Hills Station Ops Manual Chino Hills Station
09/19/2019 Colorado River Station Manual Colorado River Station
09/19/2019 Fontana Station Procedure Manual Fontana Station
09/19/2019 Hesperia Station Ops Manual Hesperia Station
09/19/2019 Highland Station Manual Highland Station
09/19/2019 Morongo Basin Station Manual Morongo Basin Station
09/19/2019 Rancho Cucamonga Station Manual Rancho Cucamonga Station
09/19/2019 Twin Peaks Station Procedure Manual Twin Peaks Station
09/19/2019 Victor Valley Station Procedure Manual Victor Valley Station
09/19/2019 Victorville Station Procedure Manual Victorville Station
09/19/2019 Yucaipa Station Manual Yucaipa Station
09/19/2019 Coroner Ops Manual Coroner
09/19/2019 Criminal Intelligence Procedure Manual Criminal Intelligence Division
09/19/2019 Emergency Operations Policy Manual Emergency Operations Division
09/19/2019 Specialized Enforcement/SWAT Procedure Manual Specialized Enforcement/SWAT Division
09/19/2019 Specialized Investigations Policies and Procedures Manual Specialized Investigations Division
11/14/2019 Range Protocol Manual Sheriff's Training / Range
11/25/2019 Public Affairs Division Manual Public Affairs
11/25/2019 Public Affairs POST Orders Public Affairs
07/14/2022 Aerial Operations ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Aerial Operations Instructor ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Basic Rope ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Hostage Rescue ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Low Light - No Light ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Patrol Response to Critical Incidents ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
07/14/2022 Vehicle Interdiction ECO Specialized Enforcement Division
12/10/2019 Gangs and Narcotics Divison Manual Gangs and Narcotics Division
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