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Concealed Weapons Permit

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to the safety of its residents. The Sheriff is authorized to issue concealed carry weapon permits (CCW) to county residents who qualify under California law. A CCW authorizes a private person to carry a concealed firearm in public. Please do not call Employee Resources to be placed on a cancellation list - we do not have a list available at this time.

To begin the process or to renew a permit please follow these steps:

  • Be of good moral character
  • Full-time resident of San Bernardino County
  • Must have valid identification
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Own and have a gun registered in California
  • Not have any open criminal cases or pending citations
  • Not have any felony convictions or specified misdemeanors per Penal Code Sections 29900-29905
  • Not be on active probation

Employees Resources will contact you to schedule your firearms safety course date. Penal Code Section 26165, requires all CCW permit holders to attend a mandatory 8-hour training course before issuance of a new CCW permit (for these forms please click link below)

If you are renewing your CCW you will be required to take a 4-hour training course before issuance of your permit.

  • All retired reserves are required to qualify annually with their firearms.
  • This form must be provided to the range master for completion and forwarded to Volunteer Forces upon successful qualification.
  • The form must be used for all annual qualifications regardless of where the range is located.
  • We will only accept qualifications that occur at a Law Enforcement Range.
  • Failure to qualify annually will result in the revocation of a CCW endorsed ID card.
  • Retired Reserve Qualifications Form

Please contact Employee Resources at (909) 387-3750 or by emailing ccwinfo@sbcsd.org

What are your office hours?

  • Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm excluding holidays

What is the best way to contact your office?

Can I carry standard capacity magazines over 10 rounds with my CCW firearm?

  • No, at this time you are only allowed to carry a maximum of a 10 round magazine until further notice

What type of money orders do I need?

  • Postal Money order (from the Post Office) is the only accepted form of payment

What if I have law enforcement contact?

  • You must notify our CCW division within (3) business days if arrested, questioned or detained by law enforcement
  • If you are pulled over and are carrying your CCW firearm, you must notify our office within (10) business days

How do I notify your office?

Please include reason for contact (i.e. who, what, where, when, why?)

  • Be sure to include details of interaction, location of contact, law enforcement agency, and Officer’s name

How many days do I have to report a change of address?

  • (10) business days to send an e-mail to our office
  • You will be required to come to our office with your property tax, grant deed or rental agreement AND major utility bill reflecting the new address along with a change of address card from the DMV

What documents do I need for my initial CCW interview?

  • Please refer to the initial instructions located under “New Application Process” above
  • If you fail to bring the required documents, you will be turned away and asked to re-schedule your interview

Does my driver’s license or vehicle registration show I am CCW permit holder?

  • No, however, our records division is open 24 hours for law enforcement to contact and confirm your status as a CCW holder

When do I get my gun issued?

  • We do not issue firearms. You are required to purchase your own and the firearm MUST be registered to you in the State of California

Where can I find California gun laws?

  • Please refer to the California Department of Justice website

How can I check the status of my CCW application or renewal process?

  • You will receive a phone call or letter in the mail *DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE*

Does my renewal paperwork need to be submitted before my class?

  • One step is not required before the other (paperwork and class) however it is highly recommended to bring in your renewal paperwork 60-90 days prior to expiration to ensure it is processed in a timely manner

What if I do not have a current utility bill in my name?

  • You must have a current utility bill with your name on it in order to be processed or you will be turned away *No PAST DUE amounts will be accepted*

How do I prove I reside with or rent from a family member?

  • You must have that family member write a letter stating you live with them full time, have the letter notarized and have the property tax, grant deed or rental agreement

How do I replace a lost or stolen CCW permit?

  • You must e-mail our division within (10) business days and provide a copy of the police report

I was not able to confirm my CCW interview, how can I get it scheduled?

  • Please call our office to schedule your appointment at 909-387-0604

What caliber weapons are accepted?

  • .25 caliber up to .45 caliber. No .22 caliber handguns will be allowed

I want to add a weapon(s) during my renewal process. How do I do that?

  • You must submit your renewal paperwork no less than (30) days prior to expiration in order to be scheduled for a range day to qualify with the new firearm

Can I apply if I am not a U.S. citizen?

  • Yes; you will be required to bring in your original naturalization papers or green card

Can I apply for a CCW if I am a convicted felon?

  • No; per California Penal Code 29800(a)(1), it is a felony to be a convicted felon in possession of a firearm

What is my CCW number?

  • Your CII number located above your first name on your CCW permit

How do I update my employment, phone number and/or e-mail information?

What if I do not have my firearm when I schedule my interview?

  • You are expected to have a firearm registered to you in California in order to conduct your CCW interview *DO NOT BRING THE WEAPON WITH YOU*
  • If you receive a call for your range qualification day, you must schedule at the time of the phone call. You CANNOT request to wait for range day because you still need to purchase a firearm

Can I put a shotgun and/or rifle on my CCW permit?

  • No; only handguns are allowed to be used for concealment purposes

Can I use a passport as a form of identification or in place of my birth certificate?

  • No; passports are not an accepted form of identification

Can I apply for a San Bernardino County CCW if I live out of the state/county?

  • No; you MUST be a full time resident of San Bernardino County

What name do I put on my application?

  • The CCW application is a legal document and the name on your birth certificate and driver’s license MUST all match unless you have a legal name change and provide court documents or marriage certificate at the time of your interview

What if I do not have my birth certificate?

  • If you were born in the United States, you must bring in your birth certificate. The birth certificate from the hospital (feet imprints) will not be accepted

Can I apply for a CCW permit through San Bernardino County if I live in another county but own a business/work in San Bernardino County?

  • No; our office only issues to full-time residents of San Bernardino County

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