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We offer a variety of classes designed to meet the specific needs of new and veteran officers. Please take a look at the list of upcoming classes on our AOT calendar. To sign up for a class, please complete the contact form located to the left of the “Upcoming Events” list. You will receive an email once you have been registered for a class. For questions about billing, local accommodations or additional information please call (909)473-2695 or email us at

Before signing up for a class, please be sure you are able to attend the class in regards to scheduling and any necessary prior authorizations. If you are unable to attend, please call or email using the information above. Immediate supervisors will be contacted for those who no-show without notification.


Course Registration:

    Advanced Officer Training Courses:

    • Detective Course Basic**
    • Detective Course – Advanced **
    • Homicide Investigation
    • Informant Development & Maintenance
    • Interview and Interrogation
    • Investigative Tracking – Basic
    • Investigative Tracking – Advanced

    • Crime Scene Investigation – Evidence Recovery

    • Dispatcher - Ethics and Leadership
    • Dispatcher - Communication and Technology
    • Dispatcher - Terrorism Awareness
    • Dispatcher - Active Shooter Situations
    • Dispatcher - Public Safety Academy - Basic
    • Dispatcher - Public Safety Academy - Extended Basic
    • Dispatcher - Complacency/ Critical Decision Making
    • Dispatcher - Customer Service
    • Dispatcher - Role in Mass Casualty Incidents
    • Dispatcher - Response to School Based Incidents
    • Dispatcher - Wellness

    • Advanced Building Search
    • Advanced Vehicle Stops
    • Bicycle Patrol Course
    • Campus Security (SB 1626) *
    • Courtroom Procedure
    • Crisis Intervention Team
    • Crisis Intervention Team Behavior Health Training for FTO’s (SB 29)
    • Drug Influence Recognition - H&S11550
    • Field Training Officer (40hrs)
    • Field Training Officer Update (24hrs)
    • Force Options Simulator (4hrs) - Meets Perishable Skills Requirements
    • Gang Awareness - Advanced
    • Mounted Patrol
    • Mounted Patrol, Advanced
    • Patrol Readiness **
    • Radar Operation
    • Radar-Laser Operation (Lidar)
    • Report Writing
    • Search Warrants
    • Tactical Communication (This course meets the POST mandated perishable skills requirement for communications training.)
    • Workplace, Developing a Positive Environment

    • Academy Instructor Certification Course (AICC) (Requirement for Basic Academy Instructors)
    • Bicycle Patrol Instructor (40hrs)
    • Force Options Simulator Instructor - FOSI (40hrs)

    • POST Supervisory Course (80hrs)
    • Deputy Leadership Institute - DLI
    • Supervisory Development **
    • Traffic Program Management

    • TCI - Basic (40hrs) - Exceeds Minimum CVC Requirements
    • TCI - Intermediate (40hrs)
    • TCI - Advanced (80hrs)
    • TCI - Reconstruction (80hrs)
    • TCI - MAIT Protocols
    • TCI - Motor Vehicle Inspection
    • Traffic Program Management (Sergeants/Corporals Only)
    • Radar Operator (meets CVC requirements)
    • LIDAR Operator (Prerequisite: Radar Operator)
    • Driving Under the Influence - SFST (24hrs including Wet Lab)

    * Non-POST Certified Course

    ** Non-POST Certified Course / SBCSD Department Members Only

    Road Closure Information:

    Occasionally, the front road to the Sheriff's Training Center is closed due to flooding. If the front road is closed, click the following link for directions to the back entrance.

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