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Firearms Training Center

Range Fire Arms

This Unit is responsible for training 1,960 law enforcement officers every trimester in use of firearms. These officers represent our Department and other local law enforcement agencies. This Unit is also responsible for the training of other law enforcement organizations throughout the County. In addition, over 3,600 members from various law enforcement agencies contract for the use of our firearms facility for firearms qualifications.

Other major events hosted at the Firearms Training Center included: the annual COPS WEST program, a regional SWAT training exercise; H&K Schools; Sniper Firearm Instructor Course; Defensive Tactics Instructor Course; and Explosive Entry School programs.


The Range Reserve Unit is made up of volunteers who are cross-trained to assist the growing number of students. They are part of the delivery of a number of programs that include Basic and Reserve Academies, the Public Safety Internship Academy and the trimester Use of Force program. Their assistance in the delivery of our programs has been invaluable.

ASP Baton User 4 hours
This course provides basic instruction in the use of the ASP baton. Topics included in this course included: when to carry and use a baton, how to draw and holster the expandable baton, safely expand and collapse the baton, combination strikes, and acceptable striking areas.

Basic Police Rifle and Marksmanship School 40 hours POST and SBVC certified
This course provides the student with basic marksmanship skills necessary to effectively perform a vital function in a police SWAT or tactical operation. Topics include ballistic theory, support equipment, capability, physical fitness issues, and role/mission.

Building Entry and Search Techniques 8 hours
The course covers entry and search techniques from a patrol function and warrants service perspective. This course is not designed for the tactical team, but rather for the patrol officer and station detective who desires enhanced training and capability in this subject area.

Defensive Tactics and Weaponless Defense Instructor 40 hours POST certified
Designed to train law enforcement officers to instruct in defensive tactics and weaponless defense techniques. Topics include: physical fitness, assessment tests, handcuffing & searching techniques, passive and active countermeasures, LVNR, case law, and liability.

Firearms Instructor Course 40 hours POST Certified
This course is designed to train law enforcement officers to be firearm instructors. Topics include basic firearm knowledge, lesson planning, range preparation/safety, instruction methods, and defining/correcting individual shooting problems.

Less Lethal 8 hours
This course is designed to provide students with basic instruction regarding less than lethal alternatives in the use of force. Students will receive instruction in the latest weapons & munitions, tactics; and techniques in dealing with individuals involved in such encounters.

OC User 4 hours
Oleoresin Capsicum has been hailed as one of the most significant breakthroughs for law enforcement in recent years. Students will learn the relationship between OC and other use of force options, and how to properly use this law enforcement tool.

Sub-machine gun Operator’s Course 24 hours
Class and range instruction demonstrates the multiple uses of submachine guns and clearly identifies the characteristics of the weapon whether being used as a primary entry weapon or as a general use firearm. Topics include shooting fundamentals, CQB techniques, low light firing, and firing on the move.

Semi-automatic Transition 24 hours
Moving from a wheel-gun to a semi-auto? This course provides the skills necessary for a peace officer to transition from a revolver to semi-auto sidearm. Topics include mechanical aspects, stance, grip, aiming, and trigger control, one-hand techniques, loading & unloading, marksmanship, and combat shooting.

Tactical Handgun 8 hours
This course is designed to fully familiarize the law enforcement officer with a wide range of tactical handgun shooting techniques and considerations, including: gun safety, tactical movement, low light shooting, use of a partner in tactical situations, and more.

Tactical Rifle 8 hours
Designed for patrol officers who are the first responders to tactical situations. This course includes instruction on legal aspects, assembly/disassembly of riffles, ballistic information, tactical deployment, and practical application of firearm skills.

Tactical Shotgun 8 hours
This course provides the officer with training in the skills required to use the shotgun in tactical situations. Its covers basic shot gun, assembly/disassembly, firing while on the move, ballistics, and other advanced marksmanship and shot gun techniques.

Continuing Professional Training (CPT) Trimester Training 8 hours POST / STC certified
CPT trimester training provides updates in tactics, procedure, and case law for law enforcement professionals. Varied subjects combine to provide training which is in compliance with POST’s 2 year 24 hour CPT requirement, and the Perishable Skills requirement for Firearms, Arrest and Control and Tactical Communication. Outside agencies should contact Wendy Britt @ (909) 387-3648 to arrange for enrollment.

Use of Force Update 16 hours POST certified
This course provides enhanced training and current information regarding tactics, officer safety issues, and case law. Classroom lecture and practical exercises (realistic confrontation house, range, and scenario training) combine to provide the student with skills necessary to meet challenges presented in the field.

Live fire House Operator 16 hours
Designed for operators of live fire houses. Safety is covered extensively with focus on the role of the safety officers. Students will design and run scenarios with emphasis on safety operations of live fire houses.

Tactical Flashlight User
Students receive training in the use and care of the M3 & M6 tactical flashlight. Course covers the safe removal and installation of tactical flashlights. Students will practice use of the tactical flashlight under low/no light environments.

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 (HR218)
Federal law mandates that retired peace officers must qualify annually with their concealed carry firearms in order to meet the requirements of HR218. This course meets those requirements and provides an annual update to retired peace officers. Retired peace officers will qualify with their weapons during this course.

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